VVP Canopy Calculator

Due to canopy related incidents, we ask all skydivers to consider their current canopy type, size, wingload and currency. Filling in the form below is mandatory for all Flanders Boogie participants.
What is calculated? After filling in the form, you will receive an email regarding your canopy type, wingload and currency. This data is also saved to a database which can be accessed by the Skydive Flanders Safety Commity.
How are these calculations made? The calculations are performed by using the recommendations issued by the Flemish Skydive Federation (VVP). You can find the documents (in Dutch) on the VVP website: www.valschermsport.be
When should this form be completed? Each year when (1) you renew your membership, (2) are participating to a Skydive Flanders event, or (3) when you change your canopy size and/or type.
What if one or more quotations are outside of the recommended limits? Having one or more quotations outside the recommended limits doesn't automatically results in not being allowed to jump your canopy, but please be aware you are jumping a configuration close to the maximum recommendations. Please consult one of the responsible before you jump.
Any more questions? Consult any local instructor at the DZ. They will happily help you.
Have fun but... be safe!

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